Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'd say my New Years resolution was to update this more..

,,,but we all know what the statistic likelihood of New Year resolution failure is.

This year I have so far managed many things:
* Finally hooked up my old record player so I can listen to PJ Harvey on vinyl. Discovered it skips and that one of the speakers doesn't work. Worth it!
* Ate things.
* Contemplated becoming a high school English teacher who constantly talks about writing a novel but never does.
* Decided against being a teacher. Instead planned to apply for a Creative Writing Masters in near future, therefore staving off employability for another couple of years.
* Wrote quite a bit on a new project.
* Went to the first Writing Group for the year. For a while, actually. It's nice to have something like that to go to regularly, to make you feel less alone with your writing dreams and practices. Plus the food is always pretty awesome.

So I am still alive. I have contemplating updating this a fair few times, but the only things to write about is the waiting process when it comes to submitting to agents. And whinging is really unattractive. Ditto with the redrafting process for the first novel. Plus there's a fine balance between the usefulness of writing about writing when you really just want to get onto the writing itself. Plus nobody actually reads this.
Happy 2012, year of the apocalypse joke!

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